5 Ways to Style Rose Gold Accessories

In the early 2010s, rose gold first made an appearance on the jewelry scene and since then, it continued to grow in popularity. Over the years, rose gold jewelry and accessories have become a staple piece in every modern girl’s wardrobe. Unique from the classic pieces we know and love, the enticing rosy hues and the lustrous appearance of rose gold puts it at the forefront of gold jewelry trends for 2021. As this trend continues to take the jewelry world by storm, here are few style tips to achieve the perfect look.
With the evolution of popular styles in  the fashion industry, rose gold jewelry has become a major player in the mixed metal trend. If you are looking to elevate your look, an easy way to do so is to pair any classic silver, yellow gold or white gold pieces with a stunning rose gold timepiece. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect minimalistic rose gold watch, I highly recommend the Athena watch sold by Venici Times. The watch features a mesh band strap that easily adjusts to fit any women’s wrist size. Moreover, the classic and minimalistic design will pair well with both trendy statement pieces or dainty delicate jewelry. 
   When it comes to matters of the wardrobe, finding the perfect outfit to match your rose gold pieces can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, rose gold jewelry pairs best with neutral colours such as black, white, navy, beige and cream. In the fall and winter seasons, you can also match the jewelry with deep blue and dark green clothing pieces. Avoid wearing anything with red, yellow and orange tones, as it will clash with the overall look of your outfit. By collecting basic and neutral clothing pieces, you’ll be able to easily mix and match your rose gold jewelry to achieve the perfect look for any season. 
   One of the best advantages of making rose gold jewelry a staple in your wardrobe is its versatility. By matching the right clothing pieces and accessories together, you can easily switch from a casual daytime outfit to a more sophisticated nighttime look, that would look great on a night out.
The best approach is to start with basic everyday pieces such as a minimalistic rose gold watch and then continue by stacking other bracelets that match well together. During the day you can opt for simple and stylish pieces and then spice your look up at night with a bold statement piece. This easy and quick trick will save you the hassle of making a full outfit change. 
  There is no doubt that rose gold is becoming a new classic. The versatile colour provides endless possibilities to mix and match your jewelry with all the latest trends and styles, making it the perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Needless to say, the rose gold trend will be sure to stay.
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