The Laurel Wreath: A Timeless Symbol of Victory

Through his many victories on the battlefield such as the Conquest of Gaul (50 B.C), this charismatic young man was appointed ruler of the Roman Empire. Famously known for his quote:
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Julius Caesar is considered as the greatest military commander of Ancient Rome.

He was given the laurel wreath. To many, the laurel symbolized victory and triumph. It was a badge of honor awarded to a select individuals that achieved extraordinary things. Julius Caesar was one of them.

One thing was sure, he never doubted himself.


An inspiring collection of timepieces that embody triumph and fearlessness. Our most unique designs that hold a beautifully crafted gold laurel wreath in the middle of the dial.

Designed with a purpose: inspire our community of go-getters to conquer their personal empire.

Because let’s face it. We don’t share the same dreams and we all pursue different paths. This timepiece will keep you in the right mindset to challenge and surpass your personal limits.

Whether you aim to achieve big things or smaller things in a big way, our Caesar’s watch will carry you through your own journey. This is going to be an epic ride and only you get to drive!

After all, we know Venici watches won’t change the world, we leave that to the people who wear them. 

* * * 

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